Various Agro Products

Products We Export

Crude Palm Oil

We export premium-grade crude palm oil, sourced from Nigeria’s abundant palm plantations. Our palm oil is known for it’s excellent quality and is in high demand worldwide.

Cocoa Beans

Our company offers superior-quality cocoa beans sourced from Nigeria’s renowned cocoa farms. We ensure that our cocoa beans meet the stringent quality standards required by global chocolate manufacturers.

Sesame Seeds

Henrith Export Trade Company is a major exporter of high-grade sesame seeds. Our sesame seeds are widely used in food products and oil production, and they meet the international market’s growing demand.

Cashew Nut

We specialize in exporting premium cashew nuts from Nigeria, one of the largest cashew producers in the world. Our cashew nuts are carefully selected and processed to deliver exceptional quality to our customers.


Henrith Export Trade Company exports ginger. Nigeria is one of the leading producers of ginger in th world. Our ginger is extremely tasteful, pungent, and of top-notch. Our exports includes a variety, like fresh, crushed, sun-dried, dehydrated etc.

Shea Butter

We are a leading exporter of pure and natural shea butter derived from the shea tree. Our shea butter is used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and it meets the highest standards of purity and quality.

Hibiscus Flower (Zobo)

Our company exports premium hibiscus flowers, commonly known as zobo, which are used to produce herbal teas and beverages. We ensure that our hibiscus flowers meet the strictest quality standards.


Henrith Export Trade Company exports top-grade natural rubber and latex. Our rubber products find applications in various industries, including automotive and construction, and they meet the international quality requirements.


We export a range of cassava products, including cassava flour and chips. Our cassava products are derived from high-quality cassava plants and are used in food production, animal feed, and starch production.


Our company exports premium-quality natural honey, harvested from Nigeria’s diverse flora. Our honey products meet international standards and cater to the increasing global demand for natural honey.

The Reason Why We Are Preferred

Why Choose Us

Specialized Export Services

Henrith Export Trade Company Operates basically in sectors Like Food and Agro Products, customers can hugely benefit from specialized services offered by our courier service and partnership companies.

Speedy Delivery

All customers today want same day or next day deliveries but this is not possible to make instant deliveries a reality yet. Our company has abducted the best modern strategy to provide speedier deliveries to customers.
Super-fast deliveries is something we want to offer our customers.

Shipping Rates

Most shipping companies impose a lot of added and hidden charges. Henrith Export Trade Company offers affordable shipping rates with no additional costs, hidden fees or special charges except if requested by the destination boarder customs. We also offer Cash-on-delivery services, please always call the sender to finalize shipping rates to clear all doubts before paying for any charges, receipts will also be provide.

Integrity Driven

Most Exporting companies has a general weakness of not keeping to their values and terms, But we at Henrith Export Trade are integrity driven.

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